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11 Crucial Things You Should Check Before Joining A Professional Sports Academy

July 14, 2020

Now that you have decided to join a Sports Academy, the next obvious question is where to join? The market is flooded with choices but how do you make the right choice is important to know. 

So, in this blog, we would help you with all the crucial things that you should check before joining a Sports Academy but before that if you are still wondering why is professional sports coaching important, we would want you to read our last blog once –

Let’s get started with some important points which you should scrutinize before getting yourself/your child admitted into any sports academy :

1. Past records

Past records of the student’s success speaks volume of how good a sports coaching center is? It helps you set expectations accordingly.

2. Approach towards their students

A good approach includes individual attention to every student, tracking and scaling the progress of each student and guiding them on how to improve. 

3. Student-coach Ratio

Personal attention is only possible if you maintain a healthy students-coach ratio. So, check that as well.

4. Network

A sports academy having a good network presents you opportunities from their networks in terms of tournaments, competitions and courses. This aids a lot in your personal sports journey growth.

5. Infrastructure

Resources and facilities provided by the academy is another key factor which highly affects the quality of training you get from a sports coaching. A good academy needs to stay updated and relevant to the current sports training modules and equipment. 

6. Qualifications and credentials of the coaches

Checking more about the qualifications, experience and training of the coaches is again very important. It helps a lot to understand and gauge if it’s the right place to join.

7. Teaching, communication and motivation skills of the coach

Apart from knowing the game well, the coach should also be good at other things like communication skills, understanding each student’s needs, guiding them and motivating them to do their best.

8. Current student batch reviews

Reaching out to the already enrolled students or even their parents to get a genuine review about the academy is something which is highly advised.

9. Past student/parent testimonials

Reading up some testimonials on Google, their Website or Social Media channels would also give you a better understanding. Consider the overall brand image, reputation, experience and the reviews of the coach’s as well as the academy to see how they stand in the market. 

10. Competitive activities offered

A good coaching will always conduct tournaments and competitions for their students regularly to help build up their confidence and competitive spirit. If you are happy with the amount and the quality of exposure they are offering, you are at the right place. 

11. The fee involved

The fee should always be proportionate to the experience, qualification and quality of the coaches on the panel, the equipment and the facilities provided and the opportunities presented to you at the academy. 

We, at letsplayacademies ensure that we take care of all the above. Now is the time for you to take over. Do your due diligence and take the right decision. We hope that the above would help you choose the best sports coaching institute for yourself/ your child.

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