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10 Safety Tips To Follow While Playing A Sport

July 20, 2020

Sports! Sports! Sports! Everybody loves it and everybody has at least one favorite kind of a sport and if you don’t, you’re missing out something important. You should definitely consult with us at letsplayacademies and we’d love to guide you to select a sport for you. 

Playing a sport is a lot of fun but getting hurt is not. Isn’t it? 

So, better to take care and follow the sports guidelines for safety and avoid getting hurt. To make things easier for you, we have listed down a few sports safety tips here.

Follow these 10 tips to stay safe while playing any sport and have fun playing your game –

1. Wearing your safety gear

Safety gears include helmets, eye protection, mouth guards, pads, wrist, elbow, and knee guards etc. Safety gears assure you don’t get hurt or even if you are in a situation where getting hurt is unavoidable, the damage done stays minimum.

Now, knowing which game requires which safety gear is also important, wearing a helmet and an eye protection while cycling is important but doing the same in kabaddi won’t be allowed. Check which safety gear needs to be worn for which game from your coach and then dress accordingly.

2. Know the rules of the game

Knowing the rules of a game is always essential to analyze the game better and to know what precautions to take to stay safe while playing.  

When the players know the rules of the game, fewer injuries happen. You and the other players know what to expect from each other.

For instance, knowing that we can’t attack a player to steal the ball in a game of basketball helps prevent players bash other players and rather just go for the ball. Also, attacking someone in a game of basketball is a foul play and can cause your team to get a penalty.

3. Watch out for other players

Overlooking this point won’t be a good idea either. Remember, you don’t want to dive onto someone who’s swimming just below you in the pool, both might get injured. Hence keeping an eye on other participants is always a good idea to avoid unintended accidents.

4. Warm up before the practice/game

Can’t stress on this enough, but always get your warm up done before you engage in any game?

A good warm up hardly takes around a few minutes but it can help avoid so many injuries and cramps if it’s done before the game. Your coaches can guide you on a good warm up set very well, take notes and guidance from them and follow this always.  

5. Check the environment you’re playing in

A lot of times the environment or the apparatus which you use in a game can be faulty or might need some improvement in it. 

In such scenarios, stay cautious of the ground you play on, the equipment you use in the gym and even the people you play along with. 

You definitely don’t want to play football on a slippery ground, that won’t be a good decision and it might just result into a mishap.

6. Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most essential things to do for every single person during a game. Having enough fluids in your body helps avoiding the formation of lactic acid in your muscles and hence prevents cramps.

7. Incorrect age to try a specific sport

This might sound disheartening, but if you’re a 10 year old kid, you shouldn’t try intense weightlifting all of a sudden. Training a sport till you get to the right age is a good consideration to make. This is where good academies come in to train your child for a better future in the big game.

8. Choose correct equipment for your game

A lot of times, we fail to inspect the equipment for any faults or at times we don’t even have the correct equipment meant for a specific sport. Playing tennis with a badminton racket is simply going to rip the ball or the racquet apart and might also hit you. Choosing the correct equipment is important and a compromise on that should never be done. 

9. Not taking enough breaks while playing

Going on endlessly in a game might provide you short term fun and excitement but can result into major exhaustion and at times cramps too. Taking an adequate number of breaks at regular intervals helps your body cool down and hence also reduces the chances of intense muscle tear.

10. Not being in good health conditions:

Sport coaches will always advice you to take a day off if your health is at stake. Taking care of your health first ensures that no further complications happen if you don’t play a sport as explosively as you regularly would. 

The above listed points have simple yet very important solutions and taking care of those is a crucial task for every sports person.

And as we say; playing a sport is a lot of fun but getting hurt is not.

We truly wish that you have the best time enjoying your favorite sport and that you stay safe while doing so too. We at Letsplay academy ensure all the above for the safety of our students. If you feel we have missed out anything important, do share it in the comments below.