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Top 12 Things You Learn Playing A Game Of Football!

July 27, 2020

Football is a sport which has been accredited by multiple star personalities to have taught them many life changing lessons and improved them as a person. 

Football being a contact sport is dangerous. That’s the first thing you should know but then, the game has immense potential to transform you physically, mentally as well as emotionally that it still remains as one of the most popular sports.  

While ranging from a hobby to a career choice, the amazing sport of football comes with its own benefits of which we’ve listed the top 12 below:

1. Improves Fitness 

Football, without a doubt, is a sport which helps you improve and also maintain your fitness levels. A one hour game of football can easily strike out that cardio fitness goal of yours for a day.

2. Develops Stamina

Football requires you to do a lot of running, walking and even sprinting, and without realizing an average football player covers almost about 8 to 12 kms of running in one single  game of football on a standard football field, this without a doubt helps you build your stamina by a good margin over time.

3. Leadership qualities

A game of football requires you to understand the role of every other player in the game and play your game accordingly. This way your communication, team understanding and work on weakness and strengths of the team gets better, which in turn helps you to become a better leader.

 4. Improves cardio vascular health

The constant movement required in a football game helps in keeping the heart rate up which provides as a very good cardio vascular exercise for us, resulting into an improved cardio vascular system.

5. Instills discipline

A game of football requires to be invested in the team and strive for the win, not only in a moral and ethical way but also in a discipline which harmonizes with the game of other players of your team.

 6. Humility

Football is a great sport to instill humility in you, especially if you’re playing under a coach. Getting a little above your self esteem and pride keeps on happening in general walks of life too, but in football, you’re pulled down to the ground and made to realize the importance of being humble and not self credential all the time.

7. Relieves stress

A good game of football helps you channelize all your negative energy into building something positive for your team, plus the adrenaline rush which you get after scoring a goal is unreal and helps in the release of happy hormones too.

8. Mutual respect and self awareness

When playing in a team, you start understanding the importance of every team member and their contribution through their own roles on the field. This helps you realize the importance of mutual respect and makes you aware of your own value in the team too.

9. Improves muscle tone:

The physical requirements of the football sport require you to do activities which help you boost your muscle strength, lean mass percentage and hence also your muscle tone.

10. Endurance

Recurring football games improve your endurance in terms of strength, stamina and resisting abilities. That being said, football also helps you increase your mental endurance through situations like heated games, losing in a match or even confusion on a field. 

11. Perseverance

Whether it is about a physical challenge or a mental roadblock, Football teaches you to live with the challenges headstrong.

12. Goal Setting

Like the corporate world, Goal Setting is as essential part in the game of Football. Every player has to set an individual as well as a team goal to make the game successful.

Football has always been a game which is accessible to all, and most Indians, even today, play it in whatever space they get, from society parking lots and the space between two houses to professional fields and simulation grounds. In fact, it is an inexpensive game which can be played anywhere, anytime and hence it’s one of the top sports played worldwide.

With so many pros on its side, don’t you think, it’s a game you should definitely try out at least once in your lifetime. If not for a career, even just for fun and learning. Go, kick and goal.