10 Amazing Benefits Of Playing Basketball

10 Amazing Benefits Of Playing Basketball.

August 16, 2020

Basketball, a sport which originated in Canada ages ago, has managed to trickle down to every continent in the last couple of years! Till date, the sport of basketball is cherished, enjoyed and popularized in multiple countries because of multiple reasons and its overall benefits to the community.

The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891 to keep the players warm during the winters of Canada. The whole idea was designed keeping in mind the cardiovascular health and physical fitness of the players.

This sport, however, brought with it more benefits than even imagined, the most prominent of them are given below. Want to know what all.

Read 10 amazing benefits of playing Basketball listed below:

1. Improves cardiovascular health:

Basketball is a great sport to improve the functioning of your heart, lungs and your circulatory system. It helps you use your explosive strength which in turn also increases your heart rate. This helps your body gradually improve its blood circulation and oxygen intake.

2. Builds bone strength:

The physical activity required for this sport helps you build more bone tissues which in turn supports and improves your bone health.

3. Improves muscular strength:

The game of basketball is known to help you stretch, jump, run and use your muscles all the time, which in return helps your muscles grow stronger. Basketball can also pass as a good strength training sport.

4. Burns calories:

One of the trendiest requirements which basketball easily and very efficiently serves to is burning calories. One game of basketball can help you burn as many as 700 to 1000 calories per hour!

5. Improves motor skills:

Requiring to use the maximum of your muscles helps improve your motor skills by a big margin. Your brain to muscle coordination improves a lot.

6. Lowers stress:

A good game of basketball can help your brain to function better by giving it a window to relieve stress and use a fair amount of energy to feel better.

 7. Improves body composition:

Since basketball trains a lot of your muscle groups, they tend to develop better in terms of composition, strength and flexibility.

8. Helps in confidence growth:

As you improve in your game of basketball, your self esteem, self awareness and confidence gets a boost.

9. Improved teamwork efficiency:

Basketball requires a lot of coordination with your team to win the match, this in turn not only improves your communication skills but also your teamwork.


10. Aids in height growth:

The game of basketball has been known to help you in adding that extra inch to your height since forever. It definitely aids in your muscle and bone growth which in turn can help you grow taller.

These were some interesting facts that we thought of sharing with you. If you are confused and want to compare it with the game of Football, read our last blog https://letsplayacademies.in/2020/07/27/top-12-things-you-learn-playing-a-game-of-football/ and take a call.

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