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A Complete Guide On How To Be A Better Sports Person!

August 31, 2020

Being good is not enough, be the best you can! If you want to climb up the ladder ofsuccess, you need to constantly better your game. How? here’s a complete guide on how to be a better sportsperson.

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The first thing that you require to be a better sports player is strong will power and if you have it, you’re good to start with. There are a number of golden steps which needs to be taken to improve your ability and performance and there by, be a better player. We have mentioned all of those in detail below. Go through them and let these steps guide you in this beautiful sports journey.

The steps to be better at sports

1. Formulate a plan & set your goals

The first and foremost step to succeed in your long sportive journey is to formulate a proper plan and set clear targets and goals. Thoroughly analyse your strengths and weaknesses, identify the discipline you’re best at and work accordingly. Goals are a great way of maintaining enthusiasm and discipline throughout. You cannot just start blindly without proper planning or else you’ll just get lost in the world of confusion.

2. Condition correctly

Undergoing a conditioning program helps players to work on their weaknesses and thereby, improve their performance. Physical stability is of utmost importance in sports and it is gained through conditioning. It also helps to reduce your injury chances.

3. Get a great coach

Having a coach who genuinely wants to see you perform well is important. Certain coaching personalities suit you better than others. Therefore, be careful while selecting a coach. Select one with whom you bond well and can communicate properly.

4. Practice, practice, practice

Heard of the saying, “practise makes a man perfect!”? This saying holds true in every field of life. To excel in a particular sport, relentless practice is a must. Through constant practice, you gain the required confidence and become comfortable and there would not be any worries of losing the track.

5. Build self-confidence

Confidence building is a major part of sports. And again, it’s all down to practice! Practising the game harder inculcates confidence among the players automatically. You should focus on performance improvement and excellence. Stay alert and do not get over-confident, this will act as a barrier. Accept that you’ll have drawbacks, just face it firmly, work on improving them constantly and continue working towards your goals.

6. Understand the game better

Without proper knowledge of the sport, you cannot grow. This makes
‘understanding the game better’ important. You should prefer going deep into sports by understanding the tactical and strategic angles, tips and tricks, coaching advice and even philosophical musings. All of these will flourish you in the respective field and contribute to your success.

7. Incorporate drills

Most of the sports require improvement even in the most basic skills and hence, one should focus on one’s training by incorporating drills. This will help you improve your skills and would make your movements much more accurate. To identify the drills suitable for your sport, you may approach your coach or join a good sports academy.
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8. Study the movements of professionals

Watching professionals of your chosen sport move will provide you with some ideas for new methods and may help you get better. Watching videos, matches or even reading books about sports/sports professionals is helpful as it will give you more exposure to the real madness of the professional competitive world.

9. Obey and respect your coach

Coaches contribute majorly towards the development and upbringing of
sports persons. Hence, you should truly listen to and respect them. They can really extract the best out of you if you give them enough space. Whenever you’re facing any difficulties at the time of practice/ training, you should approach your coach and ask them to guide you.

10. Fuel with proper nutrition

Consuming a nutrient-rich and balanced diet is important indeed. Always be careful with what you put inside your body. Food that is high in simple and complex carbohydrates and has fewer fats should be preferred. This will help you get better at sports.To know more about proper sports nutrition, click the link given below.

11. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps your body to function optimally and enables you to perform well. Consume sufficient liquid every day to boost your training. You can prefer having water or other alternatives like juice, soda, milk, or even broth.

12. Reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol and drugs

If you want to perform well in sports, consider reducing caffeine, alcohol and drugs intake. These substances would harm your athletic performance and avoiding them will help you be better at the game.

13. Practice good resting habits

Rest is another key component. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can make you feel exhausted and thereby, reduce your ability to perform well. Also, it’s recommended to have short naps of about 20-30 minutes in between your practice. This allows your body and brain time to recharge, rebuild muscles, relax and handle stress.

These are some of the steps which you must follow to be a better sportsperson and there by, excel in your sport. You need to take these steps seriously and if you do, they’ll be your stepping stones to success.
So, be patient, strive hard and set an epitome of good sportsmanship!

Good luck guys! Get ready for the success.

If there is anything else that you believe we missed out, do share in the comments below.