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Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Tennis!

September 7, 2020

Venus Williams, an American tennis player, once said,” tennis is mostly mental. You win or lose a match before you even go out there.” We, the team of LetsPlay Academies, firmly believe in this quote, because, like any other sport, at the end of the day your mental determination to win a match matters the most.

The training required in playing tennis is indeed challenging at times but it’s more of a mental challenge than physical. There are professional sports academies which teach you how to play a sport, gives you all the facilities, provides you with the equipment, but there are a very few tennis coaching academies that teach you how to be mentally strong at play, how to accept failure and how to make a comeback. So, while choosing an academy, do keep this in mind.
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Coming back to our topic, we have penned down 10 reasons why you should learn tennis. So, here they go:

1. Muscle development

Tennis has evidently helped a lot of players build a well-toned muscle body over time. All the tennis players are living proof of how the sport of tennis shapes you in your physical assets.

2. Cardiovascular fitness

A single game of tennis challenges you in multiple ways, one of them being moving quickly from time to time, this results in an increase in your heart rate which aids your cardiovascular fitness.

3. Focus improvement

Keeping your eyes on the tennis ball throughout the game whilst also focusing on your opponent’s strokes helps a lot to exercise your focus and improves the eyesight by a good margin.

4. Agility

The ability to move quickly and take lesser time to decide the next move is enhanced by multiple folds in the game of tennis.

5. Strengthens bones

The bones, in the sport of tennis, gets stronger with every subsequent match/practice of yours. However, running, jumping, stretching accompanied by a good diet helps a lot in the strengthening of your bones.

6. Reduces stress

Like most other sports, even tennis is a highly expressive sport where all your stress and anxiety get eased. Every physical activity which you do triggers a release of happy hormones in your body which help you ease out in your stressful times.

7. Cognitive abilities

The speed at which a tennis player has to make decisions in a match highly affects their personality in a lot of positive ways. The brain functioning is boosted which in turn enhances your cognitive abilities a lot.

8. Improved mortality rate

Multiple research sources have proved that at least three games of tennis per week reduces the risk of your death by any health conditions by half the time.

9. Burns calories

A single, one-hour game of tennis can burn as many as 600 calories of yours. Tennis is a highly enjoyable game for many and burning these many calories while playing comes as a great bonus to a lot of people.

10. Hand-eye coordination

Not only does tennis help you increase your agility and neural capacities, but it also trains your body to achieve a higher state of internal coordination which helps you a lot in other aspects of your life as well.

All these points being noted points like confidence, fitness, social skill enhancement, and competitive spirit also gets improved through this sport.

Tennis indeed is one of the most amazing sports out there, and as of now, it has a relatively lower amount of competition than sports like football and cricket.

Understanding all the aspects of this sport is a very crucial part of succeeding in this game and we, the team of LetsPlay academies ensures the best training, equipment, coaching and mental mentoring to our students. 

For any further queries related to this wonderful sport or any other sport too, don’t think much and give us a call at 9650830580, we’d be extremely happy to help you figure out the best for you.