Importance Of Warmup In Sports Training

Importance Of Warmup In Sports Training

September 22, 2020

Today, life is insanely busy that we’re rushing in through literally everything. So is the case with sports training. To save time, we’re tempted to jump directly into the training in order to maximize the output. But, doing that is unhealthy! It would do us more harm than good. Daniel Burrell, a NASM-certified personal trainer says that, “Exercising without a warm-up is a huge no-no!” When you jump directly into training, your muscles aren’t well prepared and hence, there is a greater risk of injury which no one wants.  In this article, we have highlighted Importance Of Warmup In Sports Training. 

A warm up session, which takes place prior to any physical activity, gradually prepares your body for further training. This consists of jumping rope, hip rotation, squats, stretching and other cardiovascular exercises which just takes about 20 minutes. So, it’s not actually time-consuming and especially when it has so much to offer. 

Listed below are a few benefits of a warm-up session before training.

Let’s take a look!

1. Improves blood flow and oxygen efficiency

Warm-up exercises raise our body temperature and consequently, the temperature of our muscles. This improves blood supply to muscles as it opens up the blood capillaries, allowing our muscles to relax and contract more easily. Further, oxygen is released from our blood easily at higher temperature. Thus, warm-up exercises provide our muscles with a higher amount of oxygen, which is demanded while working out. 

2. Increases our flexibility 

Raised body temperature improves nerve transmission and muscle metabolism. This allows our muscles to function effectively with greater flexibility. It also loosens the tissues around the joints, increasing their range of motion resulting in better flexibility and injury prevention.

3. Reduces risk of injury

Warm-up exercises prepare our muscles for the further physical training which is about to be performed. These exercises stretch the body, loosen the joints, improve blood and oxygen flow – making our muscles less prone to rip, tear or any acute injuries during the training. This allows our body to perform strenuous tasks with ease without overheating. 

4. Mental preparation

A Warm up session also tunes our brain focus on our body and the physical activity in progress. This mentally prepares us for further training thereby improving overall coordination and skills. Jumping straight into sports training might tire us a lot and we might just give up. Thus, warming up gradually prepares our mind and body to train. 

5. Improves performance

All of these benefits collectively result in better performance. This brings our body in the right state by increasing core temperature, mobility, muscle activation and technically building us up.  This also releases existing tension and soreness in the muscles, thereby boosting our performance. 

These are benefits reaped out of a warm-up session before a sports training! It is technically proved that training followed by warm-up is far more productive than the one followed by skipping warm-up and hence, it is advisable to warm-up for at least 5-10 minutes before the training. 

If you’re new to fitness and sports training, make sure that you talk to your respective doctor before starting any exercise program!

So guys…warm up, train well and boost your athletic performance!

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