Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ‘ping-pong’ and ‘whiff-whaff’ is a very accessible sport. In the game, two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small rackets. The play is quite fast and requires quick reactions. A good Table Tennis coaching academy would help one develop the same.

Unlike other sports, this one has got comparatively quite low injury risk. Also, Did you know that table this game is utilized for treatment of dementia? Yes, the Sport and Art Educational Foundation started a table tennis therapy. This is designed for seniors suffering from various forms of dementia. The game activayes the brain and helps one stimulate the overall state of awareness.

The organization of ITTF governs the game. It has been an Olympic sport since the year 1988.

The benefits derived….

The game thing can involve anyone from any age group. One finds joy in the simplicity nature of the game. It helps one develop concentration and alertness. Apart from that, it has got several benefits to offer. Those are as follows:

  • Helps one stay fit
  • Boosts flexibility reaction times
  • Develops muscle strength
  • Reduce fat formation
  • Improves social skills

Our Table Tennis coaching academy

LetsPlay academies is a brilliant Table Tennis coaching Academy for all age groups. Our trainees are trained under professional coaches.

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Keep playing, keep slaying!