Table Tennis Academy in Indirapuram

“ping-pong, ping-pong!!” The sound of the table tennis game on a bright afternoon is SUPER appealing. The paddle hitting the ball and the ball bouncing back on the table trigger a whole different vibe. We do feel our champs relating to this in our Table Tennis Academy in Indirapuram.

LetsPlay Academies is here to fuel the passion of table tennis game for you. We aspire to offer you the best table tennis training through our Indirapuram branch. We train our trainees to their level best without any limitation to bring the best out of them. The service is accessible to all the age groups. Our Table Tennis Academy in Indirapuram is sponsored by stag international.

Features of our Indirapuram based coaching facility…

  • Structured Training under licensed coaches.
  • State of the art facility with ITTF approved synthetic flooring.
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Batches.
  • For all age groups.
  • Best equipment powered by STAG.
  • Regular tournament exposure.
  • Air Conditioned facility.
  • Pick up & drop facility for kids
Take a sneak peek of our training sessions.
Hira Sir & International Player Radhapriya Goyal in action.

We believe in…

  • Quality and not quantity
  • Right student to coach ratio
  • Principles of excellence and passion
  • Passion has no age limit
  • Right infrastrural facilities and equipment

We aim to create best table tennis players with our training program. This will nurture young potential talent to produce future Olympians. We want the best for our trainees. Thus, coaching them in the best way possible is at the heart of everything we do.

In case of any queries, reach out to us @09650830580.